Our Value Proposition
The value that we deliver to our client is based upon 3 principles - Quality, Timeliness, and Cost Savings
Quality to us is "A product that not only meets but exceed client expectations." We however use a multi point quality check and a multi-tier quality assurance system in order to ensure that your documents are transcribed accurately and quickly. If you are not satisfied, the reworks are on us!!
Our team of highly skilled and motivated medical transcriptionists working across time zones ensure that we ALWAYS deliver your reports back to you within chossen TAT of your dictating them. As simple as that!
Cost Savings
Because of the structure of our operations and our advantage of using resources which are not geographically bound, we are able to cut our operational costs by doing our resourcing from low cost areas. We pass this cost saving to our clients, which typically result in the saving for our clients to as high as 30%-40%.
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Do ask for a free trial with absolutely no obligation for service purchase. For any further enquiry, please mail us at sales@mt4md.com
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