Dictate Over Toll-Free Number At Your Convenience!
" The hassle free dictation solution for doctors. "
Our system facilitates you to record dictations round the clock at any time of your choice (24x7), using any touch tone telephone from anywhere in US. We have a huge array of lines ensuring that you never get a busy tone ever.
Dictations are easily captured via telephone from home, office, or cell phone. All you need are your Access Code and your assigned toll-free number. Voice prompts quickly walk you through the recording process. Our telephonic dictation system handles voice recording, file encryption and compression. The voice files are then automatically submitted for transcription processing and delivery.
Toll free dictation transcription process at MT4MD
  • The process starts with the customer calling the toll free 1-866 telephone number and dictates the content to be transcribed.
  • After the call is disconnected, the audio file lands on the FTP server from where the project manager at MT4MD picks up the files and passes it to a staff member for transcription.
  • The files are then transcribed by highly skilled staff and then quality checked for errors and omissions.
  • The completed files are sent back to the customer.
To receive a proposal or more information about our services, please email us at sales@mt4md.com or fill out the form below. A representative will contact you within the next 12 hours.
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