Medical Transcription Pricing
Our Rates are Uncomparable.

The low price benefits we provide to our clients do not in any way reflect on the quality of our service. Our service strives in providing the best quality along with the best rates based on a per-line-basis or number of characters.

The price plan vary from 6.5 cents to 8.5 cents a line on the basis of additional features - Phone-In Dictation and Inbound Faxing

Cents/Line TAT Plan
6.5 12 Hrs Bronze
7.5 12 Hrs Silver
8.5 12 Hrs Gold

The pricing policy is based on the guidelines of AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity).

We are committed in providing medical transcription services to our physicians with our unbeatable lowest prices. Our production centers are based in India, which enable us to provide your practice with a relative cheaper labor with the time zone difference of 12 hours.

We would love to offer discounts based on the volume on format of document.

For free trial of ourmedical transcription service at no cost or obligation to you, simply fill the sign-up form and we shall contact you within the next 12 hours

Billing and payment terms:
After testing our service with our free trial your account will be billed on a monthly basis through the calculations of the number of lines including spaces in each transcription. Our service requires all payments for our medical transcription service is due on the 15th of the following month. A grace period of 10 days is extended to our clients as a convenience to help avoid payment delay issues.
MT4MD Transcription Services generates your invoices which can be audited quick with our easy-to-use website program available to every client without any additional cost. This system is equipped to prevent duplicate billing.
A majority of other medical transcription services do not incorporate this simple and efficient invoice auditing system. MT4MD's prime goal is to provide quality transcription services at lowest possible rates