Dr. Alex Katz,  DPM MD Podiatry  -  NY

Hi, this a true said testimonial of my experience using "Rekha Transcription" (MT4MD's Indian sister company). It has been an excellent service. I have been able to get in touch with the company administrators on the regular basis when in trouble. I have been using their system for approximate 2 years, they are affordable, they have easy access to download all are dictations online. And overall what I can say is - Darpan, thank you very much for the service, I look forward to it and I would highly recommend to any physician considering it. And I don't give recommendation very likely, this one I can easily standby.
  • 6.5 ¢ per Line
  • TAT - 12 Hrs
  • Dictation upload via website
  • 7.5 ¢ per Line
  • TAT - 12 Hrs
  • Dictation upload via website
  • Phone-In Dictation
  • 8.5 ¢ per Line
  • TAT - 12 Hrs
  • Dictation upload via website
  • Phone-In Dictation
  • Inbound Faxing

Humble beginning in 2003, MT4MD Medical Transcription is a NJ-based company offering Electronic Medical Transcription. We provide your records-management software as a part of the Transcription Solution -- you pay only for what we transcribe.

We provide medical transcription services to individual physicians, practices, and hospitals throughout the United States.

Our years of experience, skilled medical transcribers, and skilled software engineers allow us to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical transcription in all specialties.

Flexible Dictating Options

Physicians have the choice of multiple dictation options including toll free telephone, PC dictation, handheld digital recorders, and PDA's.

Higher Accuracy and Quick TAT

Integration with AI infused VRS and Text parsing system increases the overall efficiency and accuracy of your medical transcripts.

Contact Information:

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260 Hobart Street,
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861.